For us, being successful means continuing to earn the satisfaction and respect of our customers, and the recognition of objective critics. We believe we are successful when we are able to contribute to solving your tasks.

The principles of our day-to-day work:

  • Quality and reliability: our solutions are used where your products are clearly distinguished by quality and success. We are very conscious of this responsibility.
  • We foster and enjoy trust: get to know who we really are – experts in the field who are reliable, friendly and respectful.
  • ConturoMatic – sustained commitment to “Made in Germany” products: we have made a conscious choice to support Germany as a business location. We give priority to regional partners when sourcing components for our products.
  • Social responsibility: we help and support other people – not just through words, but with our actions.
  • Continuity and growth: we improve the quality of our systems through consistent, continuous development. This enables us to secure the future success of our clients – and the future of T&S.
  • You can count on us: we represent quality, service, innovation and fair pricing – today and in the future. And we’re proud of that.
Working together in harmony – the T&S team

We set great store by the qualifications and skills of our staff.

By providing regular training sessions, T&S ensures that all staff are always up to date in terms of the latest qualifications and knowledge.

This helps us to not only secure the high quality of our services, but also the quality of your products.

Your Partner at T&S
Robert Schmidt

Vertrieb international

Telefon 09725 7106-10

André Mohr


Telefon 09725 7106-40

David Rösch


PLZ tba Telefon 09725 7106-80

Willi Schmitt

Tasterbau & Reparatur

Telefon 09725-7106-22

Office and Communication
Eugen de Ryck


Telefon 09725-7106-12

Isa Woelfel


Telefon 09725-7106-0

Carolin Kleyling

QMB & Marketing
Organisation Wartung

Telefon 09725 7106-36

Lisa Kleinhenz

Technischer Einkauf

Telefon 09725-7106-38

Jens Lindemann

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. FH, Prokurist Produktionsplanung

Telefon 09725-7106-78

Manufacturing and Service
Stefan Bien


Telefon 09725 7106-0

Mario Baumgart

Service & Montage

Telefon 09725 7106-0

Christian Kleinhenz

Montage CV-Systeme

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Florian Streck


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Jesse Campo

Montage T-Systeme

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Michael Breuter

Montage T-Systeme

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Sebastian Schmitt

Tasterbau & Reparatur

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House Keeping

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Telefon 09725-7106-0